The following options control functionality in the lighttable view and modules.


number of folder levels to show in lists
The number of folder levels to show in film roll names, starting from the right (default 1).
sort film rolls by
Sort film rolls by either the “folder” (path) or the “id” (roughly equivalent to the date the film rolls were first imported) in the collect images module (default “id”).
sort collection recent to older
When selecting folders and dates/times within the collect images module, sort items from recent to older (default on).
hide built-in presets for utility modules
If enabled, only user-defined presets will be shown in presets menu for utility modules – built-in presets will be hidden (default off).
use single-click in the collect module
Enable “single click” mode in the collect images module, which allows ranges to be selected (default off).
expand a single utility module at a time
Controls how utility modules are expanded. If this option is enabled, expanding a module by clicking collapses any other currently expanded panel. If you want to expand a panel without collapsing the others you can do so with Shift+click. Disabling this option inverts the meaning of click and Shift+click (default off).
scroll to utility modules when expanded/collapsed
With this option enabled the side panels will scroll a utility module to the top of the panel when it is expanded or collapsed (default off).
rating an image one star twice will not zero out the rating
Normally clicking a one star rating twice will set a zero star rating to that image. Check this option to disable this functionality (default off).
show scrollbars for center view
Should scrollbars be shown in the center view of the lighttable (default on).


color manage cached thumbnails
If activated, darktable generates thumbnails in a general color space (AdobeRGB) in order to render them independently of the individual monitor. Conversion to the monitor color space is undertaken at display time. If this option is not activated thumbnails are stored directly in a monitor-specific color space at generation time and are subsequently displayed without further corrections (default on).
don’t use embedded preview JPEG but half-size raw
If activated, darktable will process the raw image data in order to generate all images in the lighttable. If deactivated, darktable will use the JPEG preview embedded in the raw file until the image has been processed in the darkroom (default off).
high quality thumbnail processing from size
If the thumbnails size is greater than this value, it will be processed using the full quality rendering path, which is better but slower (default 720p).
delimiters for size categories
Size categories are used to allow different thumbnail overlays to be shown depending on the thumbnail size. A pipe delimited set of values defines at what image sizes the categories change. The default value of “120|400” means that there will be 3 categories of thumbnails: 0-120px, 120-400px and >400px.
pattern for the thumbnail extended overlay text
If the user has chosen to show extended overlay text over thumbnail images, this setting allows the user to define what information is displayed. This pattern can use any of the variables defined in the variables section.
pattern for the thumbnail tooltip (empty to disable)
Defines what information is displayed in the tooltip when the mouse hovers over image thumbnails. This pattern can use any of the variables defined in the variables section.