Create areas or locations and organize them as hierarchical tags. The pipe “|” character can be used to insert a new level (a group of locations).

A location is shown as a shape on the map when selected. Initially each location will be represented as a square or circle and can be changed to a rectangle or ellipse by adjusting the shape’s width and/or height. Each location is stored as tag entry under the geotagging collection.

🔗module controls

Select the circle or rectangle symbol to choose the default shape for new locations.
new location / new sub-location
When no location is selected the new location button lets you create a location at root level. When a location is selected the new sub-location button lets you create a sub-location within the selected location.
show all
Show or hide all locations that are visible on the current map.

🔗actions on the locations list

Select (or de-select) a location. If the location is not visible on the map, the map is automatically centred on that location.
Edit the name of the location. Press Enter to save changes or Esc to close the editing window without saving.
Call up a sub-menu which allows you to:
  • Edit the name of the location.
  • Delete the location.
  • Update the filmstrip – the filmstrip will be populated all images within the selected location.
  • Switch to the lighttable view and show a collection that contains all the images within the selected location.

🔗actions on locations in the map

click and drag
Move the location shape to a new position on the map.
Ctrl+click or Ctrl+Shift+click
Move an image or a group of images to place them inside a location shape.
mouse scroll
When inside a location shape (but not over an image), increase or decrease the size of that shape.
When hovering over an image, display the different thumbnails of images located at that position on the map.
When outside a location shape (and not over an image) zoom the map in or out.
Increase or decrease the width of the location shape.
Increase or decrease the height of the location shape.
click on a location shape
Select a different location when the show all checkbox is selected.