lighttable view layout

🔗left panel

From top to bottom:

Import images from the filesystem or a connected camera.
collect images
Filter the images displayed in the lighttable center panel – also used to control the images displayed in the filmstrip and timeline modules.
recently used collections
View recently used collections of images
image information
Display image information
lua scripts installer (optional)
Install lua scripts

🔗right panel

From top to bottom:

Select images in the lighttable using simple criteria.
selected images(s)
Perform actions on selected images.
history stack
Manipulate the history stack of selected images.
Store an image’s history stack as a named style and apply it to other images.
metadata editor
Edit metadata for selected images.
Tag selected images.
Import and apply GPX track data to selected images.
export selected
Export selected images to local files or external services.

🔗bottom panel


From left to right:

star ratings
Apply star ratings to images
color labels
Apply color categories to images
mode selector
Choose lighttable mode using the dropdown
Use the slider to change the size of thumbnails
focus icon enable focus-peaking mode
Click to enable focus-peaking mode
display icon set display profile
Click to choose display profiles