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darktable page lede image

darktable basic workflow

1.3. darktable basic workflow

This section describes a typical darktable workflow which novice users may take as a starting point. We describe how to get an image into darktable, the basic steps of a raw development workflow and how to export the final result.

1.3.1. Importing images

To begin with darktable, you first need to import images. The import module is in the left panel of the lighttable view (Section 2.3.1, “Import”). You can either import from the filesystem or, if darktable supports your camera model, directly from camera. Importing images from filesystem

When importing from disk, you can import either a single image or a folder. darktable will analyse its content, detect images that are already imported and only import new images. Importing from camera

Connect your camera to your system. If your distribution tries to automount it, select the option to abort the mount operation. Otherwise the camera will be locked and not accessible from within darktable. If you don't see your camera in the import module, hit the scan for devices button. Your camera will then appear in the same module with additional choices: import and tethering.