searching and grouping modules

At the top of the right-hand panel in the darkroom view is a module that allows you to search for and select from pre-defined groups of processing modules:

group and search

darktable ships with some standard pre-defined module group presets, which can be selected from the presets menu on the right-hand-side of the module groups list. You can also customize and create your own groups by selecting “manage presets…” from the same drop-down menu. Please refer to the manage module layouts section for more details about this functionality.


Click on one of the module group icons above the search module textbox to see all of the modules which belong to that group. Click on the active modules group ( module-group-active-icon ) to list the modules that are active in the pixelpipe of the current edit.

If you click on any module group (including the active modules group) a second time, a complete list of all available modules is shown.


When you enter some text in the search module entry, any modules whose name or tag/alias contains that text will be listed under the search box. All matching modules will be shown, regardless whether they are currently available in any of the module groups. You can then activate any of the listed modules by clicking on its activation icon, expand the module by clicking on its name, and adjust any settings as required.

If you choose to hide the module groups and show only the search entry, the module list will contain a list of either the currently-active modules or the results of any search term entered.