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released 1.1.3


there is a new point release with a couple of smaller updates.

source tarball:

mac disk image:

and the …

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profiling sensor and photon noise

… and how to get rid of it.

[update 02/05/2018 The information how to create camera noise profiles is outdated please read this tutorial instead!]

[update 20/12/2012: ‘how to profile your camera’ includes instructions with the new gen-profile script]

[update 15/12/2012: no more recompile needed …

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edge aware image development

in an ideal world, an image is piecewise smooth. it has soft gradients, some detail and edges. in particular there’s no noise and the edges are sharp. given these assumptions, you can do a lot of cool things to your pictures, using techniques like frequency space editing, wavelets, or …

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