darktable page lede image
darktable page lede image

Page section

7.2.2. Page section

paper size

The size of the paper on which to print.


Portrait or landscape (note that darktable chooses by default the best fit).


The unit to use for setting the margins. mm, cm, and inch are available options.


It is possible to set each margin separately or all together by clicking on the middle lock button.

image width/height

This information field displays the actual image width and height (given with the selected units) on the paper.

scale factor

This information field displays the scaling of the image to fit on the paper. If this value is less than 1 the image is down-scaled otherwise it is up-scaled. This is an important factor to watch – a too large value (up-scale) may result in a low quality print. The corresponding dpi (dots per inch) is also displayed.


This option allows you to select the alignment of the image on the paper.