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Module groups

3.3.7. Module groups

The module groups button bar gives you quick access to darktable's processing modules.

Here follows a description of the module groups available:

Active Modules you have activated and are using on the current image.
Favorites Modules you have marked as favorites using more modules (see Section 3.3.8, “More modules”).
Basic Modules that are frequently used, such as exposure, temperature etc. (see Section 3.4.1, “Basic group”).
Tone Modules for working with the image's tonal values, e.g. levels, tonemap etc. (see Section 3.4.2, “Tone group”).
Color Modules for processing colors, such as color correction, vibrance etc. (see Section 3.4.3, “Color group”).
Correction Modules making corrections to the image, e.g. denoise, CA correction etc. (see Section 3.4.4, “Correction group”).
Effect Modules with a more artistic output, such as vignetting, softening etc. (see Section 3.4.5, “Effect group”).

Clicking on one of the group symbols will show the modules in that group. If you once again click on the symbol, grouping will be de-activated and all non-hidden modules will be shown in one long list. This list shows the sequence in which modules are applied from bottom to top. As a general principle darktable applies modules in a pre-defined sequence.