1.1 release candidate 1

as commits are easing down a little lately it seems appropriate to push out the first release candidate of the new version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.1/darktable-1.1~rc1.tar.gz/download [update: mac package is available from https://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/1.1/darktable-1.1~rc1.dmg/download ] That doesn’t mean this tarball is final or perfect by any means. we’ll probably go on releasing a couple of these on our way to the final release in a few weeks. This will be a feature release, as opposed … Continue reading

String freeze for 0.9.3

We are in string freeze for the master branch now. This means that only tiny bugfixes can be accepted, which don’t change any strings, to make sure they don’t break translations. That should lead us to another stable point release, 0.9.3, hopefully in a week or two.

darktable book draft v0.6 available

we released draft 0.6 of the book darktable. this is meant to be a comprehensive guide to the use of darktable for the most common development workflows. this is a book for beginners who do not want just to know how to develop an image, but looking for more information on digital photography and how it applies to darktable. check out the pdf or packaged version and send your comments … Continue reading

draft usermanual

while waiting for 0.7, we have put up an early draft usermanual for you, to push forward this great effort, get some feedback, and reveal some details to you. thanks to henrik and olivier who worked hard on this one!

enhancing color management

still no release? doh! but there is now a nice, detailed doc about how to profile your camera for darktable to get rich and precise color rendition out of your images (ever been sad about the flat reds in your expensive 5D?) read how to contribute a color matrix!

darktable on tv :)

no new release today, but some great videos about dt: introductory screencast (english) short review with video tutorial (german) watch alexandre prokoudine at LGM 2010 watch meetthegimp #135, a bit older, but still.. not really video, but a nice review (russian)

admin stuff

darktable moved from svn to git. get it from git://darktable.git.sf.net/gitroot/darktable/darktable. the svn repository is still around, but i will probably remove it in the next couple of weeks. we also have nicer forums now.