In darktable, selective editing was a long awaited feature. Our development version now allow limiting module effects to a region of the image. Remember the old times, the red light of the darkroom, the smell of the developing bath… Remember when you were using your hands or a small piece of cardboard to achieve some masking… Now you can do that in darktable. example let take this photo as an … Continue reading

Color Mapping

I’d like to give a few words on a new module named “color mapping” that is currently under development in our master branch. This module is a rework and enhancement of the older “color transfer” module. That older module had several issues which made a migration impossible. So we leave the old one behind as deprecated (old history stack still work as before) and for all new history stacks “color … Continue reading


One of the upcoming new feature in darktable is the ability to use the same development module several times. By applying the same module multiple times and combining them with blendif it is possible to do some effects that could not be achieved previously without using external tools like the gimp. Modules that can be instantiated multiple times have a new icon in their header, next to the “reset” button. … Continue reading

give me your money

Call for LGM donations

Hello everyone, today we have a request to you, the users of darktable. As you might know there is an annual meeting of developers and users of free and open source graphics applications (like gimp, inkscape, blender, scribus, and also darktable), the Libre Graphics Meeting. This year it’s held in Madrid, Spain, and it’s a great opportunity to discuss things with other developers face-to-face. Last year this has brought us … Continue reading

Importing Lightroom Development

One of the most time consuming work for any photographer is probably the development process. Lot of time behind a computer screen to adjust the curves, the contrast, the colors, the sharpness… All these are application specific, that is, the development process done with Lightroom is not compatible with AfterShot Pro or darktable (to name just few RAW processing softwares around). This makes it really difficult to move from one … Continue reading

profiling sensor and photon noise

.. and how to get rid of it. [update 20/12/2012: `how to profile your camera’ includes instructions with the new gen-profile script] [update 15/12/2012: no more recompile needed, updated the instructions in the benchmark section and how to run ] to summarize the current situation in dt: we have a lot of cool tools wrapped around great algorithms with almost all the knobs you need to get perfect results. … Continue reading


What's involved with adding support for new cameras

Update: This post is a few years old by now, and while most things are still valid there is at least one change: darktable doesn’t use dcraw/libraw and more. Say you’re running darktable, you’ve just bought a brand spanking new camera and it’s not supported yet by darktable. Here is a list of things that need to be done (typically we’d recommend to check this before actually buying anything, often … Continue reading

Process HDR images using darktable.

Introduction This blog post will go through a simple workflow when working with high dynamic ranged images using darktable and the modules for processing, you need use Darktable 1.1RC for this guide. The example image used in the screenshots can be downloaded at following link: AtriumMorning How to make an HDR image I’m not going into details of the process of making an HDR image, there are many guides out there … Continue reading

Geotagging in darktable

For quite some time people have asked us for a way to geotag their images from within darktable. While that is a nifty feature for sure and really helpful when you take pictures outside of a studio we always had to say something along the lines of “sorry, we don’t have that yet”. Some day however Henrik decided to give it a try and started work in his geo branch. … Continue reading


People following the development of darktable might have heard that we added a grouping feature. Everyone who hasn’t heard of that yet: We added a grouping feature. Now that everybody knows about it I should try to explain what it actually is and how it works/how to use it. For the technical specification you can have a look at the design specs. The first change in the GUI that can … Continue reading