Changing server [update]

We are about to move our website to a new server. This will give us a performance boost (e.g. in terms of page loading speed) and might give us the chance to provide some more services in the future. Due to this the comments are closed as of now until everything is in place again. We hope everything runs smoothly – if not, be patient. :) …and I take this … Continue reading

Second release candidate dt1.0~rc2

Our second release candidate is out! We have had a couple of tiny bugfixes, better translations, new rawspeed (brings support for the new Canon 5D Mark3), and slight consistency fixes in the GUI since rc1. You can get the tarball from here: Getting closer!

Release Candidate darktable1.0~rc1

There are still bug fixes coming, which is good. But nevertheless we just released a release candidate tarball, available for download from here: which will hopefully help us to get rid of the last couple of remaining bugs before 1.0. For install instructions have a look on how to compile from source: This is a rough outline of the changes since 0.9.3 (quite sure we forgot something, it’s … Continue reading

String freeze for darktable 1.0

We are in string freeze for the master branch now. Translators might now update their translations for the upcoming release of darktable 1.0 There will be tons of new features, stay tuned! If you’re willing to help getting this out of the door soon you might want to install the development version and help out to track down some bugs. You can find an installation guide here and some informations … Continue reading

Interview with Richard Hughes

Mukund Sivaraman from held an interesting interview with Richard Hughes, the maker of the ColorHug colorimeter: The ColorHug is a colorimeter that can be used to calibrate computer displays. It was created by Richard Hughes (hughsie). It is a fully open hardware project, and the design, drivers and firmware are available on the Gitorious code hosting website. Read the full interview here: Thanks to Mukund for the excerpt! … Continue reading

Color Management On Linux

Pascal de Bruijn wrote an extensive article about color management on Linux systems, covering basic explanations as well as the description of some tools. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what color management is, what it is supposed to do, and most particularly how to use it on Linux. Find the article here:

darktable Book Maintenance Release (v1.1.1)

Stefano Fornari has just released a new version of the book Digital photo development with darktable. Version 1.1.1 is a maintenance update. The release fixes a number of typos and other small editorial changes suggested by the community. Check out the pdf or packaged version and, as usual, send your comments and feedback to the darktable user list.

String freeze for 0.9.3

We are in string freeze for the master branch now. This means that only tiny bugfixes can be accepted, which don’t change any strings, to make sure they don’t break translations. That should lead us to another stable point release, 0.9.3, hopefully in a week or two.