released darktable 1.2.1

Dear all, we just released a patch version for the stable branch 1.2. As usual you can find the source tarball here: source tarball The Ubuntu PPA has already been updated by Pascal (thanks!), the Mac OSX image will probably take a little longer. We collected almost 150 commits on top of the last release from April, 7 which bring you quite some bugfixes, new noise profiles and white balance … Continue reading

Updated user manual online

Dear all, the online user manual has been updated to reflect the latest release of darktable. This is the html version of the reworked user manual for darktable 1.1 which descibes all major features of darktables and serves as a reference for all image operation modules. The user manual for the upcoming darktable 1.2 is almost finished and is being proofread right now. Still, any changes and additions for the … Continue reading

String freeze for darktable 1.2

Dear all, since March 3 we are in the string freeze phase for the upcoming darktable 1.2 release. This release will be a major new version introducing tons of new features (as you might have guessed by all the blog articles in the last months…). Please don’t push or provide patches with any new translatable strings to master or change them (that’s the ones in _(“…”) ).

Released darktable 1.1.2

Dear all, we just released darktable 1.1.2, a point release (so nothing too fancy) with a couple of bugfixes and better camera support. Additionally it comes with an updated usermanual which is available here: The tarball can be found here: and a new disk image for Mac users is provided as well: The various packages for your favourite distro are already on their way. The Ubuntu PPA … Continue reading

String freeze for darktable 1.1

Yes. As of today we are in string freeze for the next darktable version. Version 1.1 will not only contain bug fixes (that too) but a lot of new features. Some of them long-wanted, some of them you haven’t even dreamed about. As usual we follow our release procedure: String freeze (as of now). Translators get time to catch up and it’s a good means to stop overly crazy development … Continue reading

Experimental darktable OS X image

After the progress reported in the latest blog post on the OS X port of darktable we now have something new for the Mac users: parafin just released an experimental DMG image of darktable! Please be aware of this being an experimental OS X build as well as experimental software in general – it’s based on the latest development version of darktable that will be darktable 1.1 someday in the … Continue reading

darktable 1.0.4 released

Pascal was so kind to tend to a stable branch, the next incarnation of which we have the good fortune to announce. The changes over darktable 1.0.3 are: More robust OpenMP compiler detection code New warming/cooling filter presets for color correction plugin Lighttable thumbnails should be slightly faster and sharper Correctly restore panels when using Tab. Checking if an export target directly is read-only Writing of hierarchical tags in our … Continue reading

Community contributions to the project

We heard quite some voices from users requesting better possibilities to contribute to the project. Here they are. In our dev meeting (or if you had a closer look: even before) we decided to ditch the old bug tracker in favor for a new one: Redmine, hosted by PolarFox, just on the same server as our website lives. This comes with some long-wanted features – and more liberty in configuration. … Continue reading

New screencasts for darktable 1.0

Pascal recorded some new screencasts using the latest stable version of darktable, 1.0.4. The first is (one can start speaking of “as usual”) dedicated to the changes and new features of darktable 1.0, giving an overview over improvements, new UI elements and workflow changes. The second one is a bit more general. Pascal elaborates on RAW file archiving and backups, about the pros and cons of DNG and Vendor formats … Continue reading

darktable 1.0.3 released

Pascal de Bruijn did some good work backporting some of the progress from git master to the 1.0 release. We packed that into a tarball, here it is: (We had a problem packaging sources, so 1.0.3 is now on air. Please use it instead of 1.0.1) As usual we have Ubuntu Packages are readily available on Pascal’s PPA, for Lucid, Natty, Oneiric and Precise: And these … Continue reading