color correction

this is one of the oldest modules in darktable. it appeared to me that it probably lacks an example to discover how useful it can be.. so here goes the example. this started off to be a wrapper around the gegl:whitebalance operation, which works in Lab color space and is able to give dark and bright colors a different color tint, interpolating between the two for mid tones. so suppose … Continue reading

bauhaus widgets

disclaimer: this is only to tease you and will not make it into the next release, but the one after.. when reading gui-guidelines, most of them seem to be too general, or too specific for a certain kind of programming environment (gnome and gtk, qt, etc). for our purposes, i found the fundamental principles of the bauhaus school to be more appropriate. radical simplicity, no unnecessary shape or line, such … Continue reading

why you want raw

or: how to rescue your shot after the fact. also: how to use color zones for black and white. sometimes i’m surprised by what kind of data is hidden in my raw images, and i want to pass this on to those of our users who happily take pictures in jpg. actually it’s just a short story about a typical communication problem between me and my camera and the way … Continue reading

Released 0.9.3

As most of you probably noticed by now, we released 0.9.3. The tar file can be found here: Pascal updated his ppa for ubuntu here: or (with Exiv2 0.22, and Lensfun 0.2.5 + lens data from svn). and made great new screencasts explaining a couple of features and differences to 0.9.2. You can find them on our resources page or Pascal’s website: It is a comparatively … Continue reading

darktable and research

you might have noticed our equalizer tool, and been confused by it and the many controls. that’s probably partly because you didn’t see a similar thing before, we had to develop it first. very short history behind the ui is a powerful frequency domain processing technique, based on wavelets. the most commonly used wavelets are based on the lifting scheme [swe97], work in a data-independent way, and are decimated (i.e. … Continue reading

a new caching backend

since i probably tend to make this more technical than any reader would like to, here’s the take home message: much faster import of folders much faster thumbnail creation for first-time images much improved scalability wrt concurrency much improved scalability wrt total number of images in your database (should be good up to around 500 million images) much improved robustness (no more deleting ~/.cache/darktable/mipmaps all the time, yay)   some … Continue reading