released 1.2rc1

we just released a new tarball for the first release candidate in the next feature release (1.2): source tarball mac disk image as a feature release, it comes with a lot of new goodies: profiled denoising: adapt to the properties of your camera’s sensor (72 cameras already profiled for you). lightroom import: convert some basic edits from your lightroom collection to darktable operations. multi instance support: duplicate your modules and … Continue reading

released 1.1.3

hi, there is a new point release with a couple of smaller updates. source tarball: mac disk image: and the usermanual is still the same. fixes: check (on build) if glib 2.28 or higher is present don’t sanitize exif when creating hdr dngs colorpicker now disappears immediately when disabling it lens correction now uses loose lens matching (ivan tarozzi) konica minolta dynax 5d rotation fix removed an outdated … Continue reading

released 1.1.1

we released a patch release: along with an updated usermanual: this resolves a couple of issues with 1.1. so no new features here, but: minor reordering of lighttable mode modules (geotagging, keywords and recent collections) cleaned up the default visible plugins when first starting darktable in most cases raw files will now show thumbnails in the import dialog (thanks to Mattias Eriksson) a curve related crash was fixed (#9906 thanks … Continue reading

profiling sensor and photon noise

.. and how to get rid of it. [update 20/12/2012: `how to profile your camera’ includes instructions with the new gen-profile script] [update 15/12/2012: no more recompile needed, updated the instructions in the benchmark section and how to run ] to summarize the current situation in dt: we have a lot of cool tools wrapped around great algorithms with almost all the knobs you need to get perfect results. … Continue reading

released darktable 1.1 this is a feature release, so there is a lot of new stuff: general new camera support, new whitebalance presets, etc., including canon eos m support and samsung nx fix similarity matching search for images that look alike. geotagging, complete with map view (thanks to dinamic for starting that ages ago and to houz for actually bringing it home): mac os package: a lot of bugfixes (mainly thanks … Continue reading

released 1.1rc2

i just uploaded the tarball for the second release candidate for 1.1: packages for your favourite distros should be in the usual place, mac dmg is here: i know there are still translations coming, but something has to be left for the final release after all :) changes since rc1 aren’t many as to be expected, but we’ve got: canon eos m support (new rawspeed, also includes samsung … Continue reading

1.1 release candidate 1

as commits are easing down a little lately it seems appropriate to push out the first release candidate of the new version: [update: mac package is available from ] That doesn’t mean this tarball is final or perfect by any means. we’ll probably go on releasing a couple of these on our way to the final release in a few weeks. This will be a feature release, as opposed … Continue reading

edge aware image development

in an ideal world, an image is piecewise smooth. it has soft gradients, some detail and edges. in particular there’s no noise and the edges are sharp. given these assumptions, you can do a lot of cool things to your pictures, using techniques like frequency space editing, wavelets, or local histograms. darktable’s equalizer module demonstrates some of this, using the wavelet approach. you can use it to sharpen and denoise, … Continue reading

darktable 1.0.5 released

It’s our pleasure to announce that darktable-1.0.5 has been released. Find the tarball on The Ubuntu PPAs have been built already, you should get them with your next update automatically if you subscribed to Pascal’s PPA. This has a good chance of being the last one in a series of stable releases (with stuff backported from our latest and greatest). Thanks to Pascal for maintaining it! As such, … Continue reading

magenta highlights

false color highlights seem to be an issue frequently, so here’s some quick faq about it. alexandre, please excuse all the outward references ;) why are my highlights magenta? that’s how the sensor works. it collects a couple of photons, at some point it fills up and rejects to deliver any more useful information past this point. unfortunately that doesn’t happen at the same time for all color channels. how … Continue reading