released 0.7

we released version 0.7 this weekend. some of the changes: .xmp is now used instead of .dt for sidecars libraw with dcraw 9.05 plug-ins of darkroom mode are now in groups/tabs new darkroom plug-ins: zone system, relight, graduated neutral density, watermark changes can now be saved into named processing styles initial preferences dialog was added custom shooting settings can be added in tethering mode initial user manual was written, available … Continue reading

draft usermanual

while waiting for 0.7, we have put up an early draft usermanual for you, to push forward this great effort, get some feedback, and reveal some details to you. thanks to henrik and olivier who worked hard on this one!

released 0.6

finally a new release.. it has been so long that i hardly remember all the changes. let’s try to list the most important ones: libraw 0.10.0-beta3 tethered shooting mode import from camera via gphoto2 new, improved modules: vignetting, velvia, grain, denoise (via bilateral filter), color transfer, channel mixer .. crop/rotate: straighten tool, perspective correction, guide lines (ported from digikam) lots of new input color matrices and base curves openexr export … Continue reading

enhancing color management

still no release? doh! but there is now a nice, detailed doc about how to profile your camera for darktable to get rich and precise color rendition out of your images (ever been sad about the flat reds in your expensive 5D?) read how to contribute a color matrix!

darktable on tv :)

no new release today, but some great videos about dt: introductory screencast (english) short review with video tutorial (german) watch alexandre prokoudine at LGM 2010 watch meetthegimp #135, a bit older, but still.. not really video, but a nice review (russian)

released 0.5

features, features, features ;) image tagging flexible database queries by exif and custom tags powerful color zones plug-in, to selectively alter only some colors french translation libraw 0.8.5 new light table mode layout: file manager inotify support tiff 8-bit and 16-bit export new, more powerful widgets to replace sliders and spin buttons (derived from libphat) reworked, fully color managed processing pipeline supplied some useful base curves image cache can now … Continue reading

released 0.4

as usual, the new release comes with lots of new features: lens defect correction (lensfun) internationalization (russian and swedish translation) backup files for image editing history and tagging (.dt and .dttags) apart from database gconf preferences handling lighttable mode modules libraw 0.8.4 and low-level option interface from dt color filter-based monochrome conversion dt now reads _ICC_PROFILE atom from X server more sophisticated white balance core database layout prepared for tagging … Continue reading

0.3 beta released

there have been some major internal changes in dt since 0.2, and some of them result in cool new features for the user, so it is time to pass it on to the non-git audience. this includes: most processing is now being done in a new color space (L a/L b/L). this results in nicer exposure/tonecurve/denoise/color correction results. the pixel pipeline is now free to change dimensions of the image, … Continue reading

admin stuff

darktable moved from svn to git. get it from git://darktable.git.sf.net/gitroot/darktable/darktable. the svn repository is still around, but i will probably remove it in the next couple of weeks. we also have nicer forums now.