Release Candidate for darktable 1.6

We are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming darktable 1.6.

In case you are wondering about the versioning scheme: we use odd numbers as development versions and even numbers for stable releases. This means the release candidate, tagged as "darktable-1.5.1", is an unstable development version – the final stable version will bear the tag "darktable-1.6.0".

Grab the tarball and OS X package from the github release page:

Concerning Pascal's Unstable PPA: only Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) is supported, and there will be no support for future non-LTS releases. Of course the stable PPA will still serve all active Ubuntu versions starting at the most recent LTS.

And here are the preliminary release candidate release notes:

New features:

  • initial support for x-trans sensors
  • input colour gamut mapping
  • slideshow
  • better basecurve tool to create basecurves from raw/jpg pairs
  • soft boundaries in sliders (right click and type 8 in exposure compensation for example)
  • support huge images (> 32 bit pixel index)
  • pwstorage libsecret
  • new defringe image operation
  • automatic levels
  • big exr export speedup (multicore support)
  • color conversion speedup (openmp for lcms2 case)
  • tiff read/write rewritten, works on 32-bit float now
  • embedded icc profile support for png/tiff (read/write)

Internal improvements:

  • module parameter introspection
  • clang/address-sanitizer/etc compiler warnings fixed
  • flip iop used for raw auto-orientation (simplifies code)
  • libraw not used any more for a lot of file formats (faster loading via rawspeed now)

Bug fixes:

  • hdr bracketing fixes
  • masks cleanup and bugfixes
  • lens iop presets are working
  • correct lens detection for compact cameras
  • updated usermanual
  • lots of performance improvements and code cleanup

New camera support / new noise profiles

There is support for several dozens of new cameras, and loads of new noise profiles for denoising have been added. Check out the full list in the release notes on github.

We are still looking for aspect ratio mode samples for the following camera models:

Please give this some testing and let us know on FreeNode in #darktable or on the darktable-devel mailing list if there are remaining issues with it.

And as always, thanks to our great community and all the contributors for making this possible! enjoy the release!

56 thoughts on “Release Candidate for darktable 1.6

  1. Great job, i’m newbie in DT and i’m enjoying a lot working my photos with it, i’m just starting on the release 1.4.2 for OS X 10.8.5 with 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

    I´m going to try to explain some issues and improvements I see interesting for the final version and concretely for Mac:

    1. Importing from camera or card doesn’t works on release for Mac 1.4.2 and 1.5.1 , trying with Canon Eos 650D and 2 different SD cards Kingston and Sandisk. The devices are visible or mounted in the Finder, but DT can´t detect it.

    2. Ungroup lateral and central panels to move some to a 2nd display.

    3. Change font size proportionally to the width of panels, when you change this in preferences, so nothing is hidden.

    4. On candidate for Mac 1.5.1, some fonts size (tags 4 ex.) and icons (presets and reset) are smaller than on release for Mac 1.4.2.

    Even so, i´m going to keep enjoying with DT and more in the future.


    • Hi there! Also on my system with OS X 10.8.5 I get small fonts/icons inthe darktabel 1.5.1 RC UI, wich makes it almost unusable for me in some sections of the UI.

    • Thanks Parafin and congratulations for new release, my 650D has been detected after killing the process “PTPCamera” on Activity Monitor App, following your instructions. But still can not detect SD card Directly connected to the Mac card reader, i can’t find how do this.

    • We use libgphoto2 for importing from camera and I guess it doesn’t recognize card readers on OS X. But there’s really no point in treating card reader as a camera, files are visible in the file system and you can either copy them using file manager (Finder) or import directory in DT and then use copy or move button (in case of copy don’t forget to remove filmroll with card reader path).