Release Candidate for darktable 1.6

We are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming darktable 1.6.

In case you are wondering about the versioning scheme: we use odd numbers as development versions and even numbers for stable releases. This means the release candidate, tagged as "darktable-1.5.1", is an unstable development version – the final stable version will bear the tag "darktable-1.6.0".

Grab the tarball and OS X package from the github release page:

Concerning Pascal's Unstable PPA: only Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) is supported, and there will be no support for future non-LTS releases. Of course the stable PPA will still serve all active Ubuntu versions starting at the most recent LTS.

And here are the preliminary release candidate release notes:

New features:

  • initial support for x-trans sensors
  • input colour gamut mapping
  • slideshow
  • better basecurve tool to create basecurves from raw/jpg pairs
  • soft boundaries in sliders (right click and type 8 in exposure compensation for example)
  • support huge images (> 32 bit pixel index)
  • pwstorage libsecret
  • new defringe image operation
  • automatic levels
  • big exr export speedup (multicore support)
  • color conversion speedup (openmp for lcms2 case)
  • tiff read/write rewritten, works on 32-bit float now
  • embedded icc profile support for png/tiff (read/write)

Internal improvements:

  • module parameter introspection
  • clang/address-sanitizer/etc compiler warnings fixed
  • flip iop used for raw auto-orientation (simplifies code)
  • libraw not used any more for a lot of file formats (faster loading via rawspeed now)

Bug fixes:

  • hdr bracketing fixes
  • masks cleanup and bugfixes
  • lens iop presets are working
  • correct lens detection for compact cameras
  • updated usermanual
  • lots of performance improvements and code cleanup

New camera support / new noise profiles

There is support for several dozens of new cameras, and loads of new noise profiles for denoising have been added. Check out the full list in the release notes on github.

We are still looking for aspect ratio mode samples for the following camera models:

Please give this some testing and let us know on FreeNode in #darktable or on the darktable-devel mailing list if there are remaining issues with it.

And as always, thanks to our great community and all the contributors for making this possible! enjoy the release!

56 thoughts on “Release Candidate for darktable 1.6

  1. Thank you! I really appreciate your efforts and love this program. Keep on rocking!

  2. I’m a bit confused. The green button at the bottom of the page says 1.5.1. Isn’t the release 1.6? (Or am I missing something)

    I’m a newly converted Darktable user (~addict) using version 1.5.1 on a Mac (at least I think that’s the version, I can’t see way to check the version number)


  3. I have just completed building an rpm for Fedora 20 x86_64, and will try to spend some time now working with it.
    Thanks for all the work that has gone into the development.

  4. How can I help get support for D750 added? Right now, I have to convert to DNG for the files to be usable.

    • @pmjdebruijn, I just tried the Release candidate(1.5.1) and nikon d750 files that previously didn’t open correctly now work fine. I see noise reduction profiles too.

      Let me know if these files are still needed, I would be happy to provide as well as open a request/issue/ticket.

    • Nikon D750 is supported by the dt 1.5.1 version of RawSpeed, also noise profiles have been contributed / so no need to file an issue, just wait for the release and enjoy.

  5. Thank you for this long awaited announcement! Great to see the next release of DT on final approach.
    This triggers the obvious question: When can we expect the final release?

  6. I am using Debian jessie. Trying to install version 1.6 (version 1.4.2 is in jessie) for my Fuji X-E1 X-trans. Followed the instructions for git. It comes to a CMake error:
    “CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.0/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:136 (message):
    Could NOT find LibXml2 (missing: LIBXML2_LIBRARIES LIBXML2_INCLUDE_DIR)
    (Required is at least version “2.6”)”
    I checked my jessie system, and libxml2 is installed. I am not good with linux, but can follow instructions very well. Please help where my error is. Thanks.

    • OK. I made some progress. Manually checked and installed all dependencies. I was able to compile. I ran darktable in terminal. The system comes up with my photo directory. When I click on the raw image, it goes to darkroon, but it [rawseed] says no decoder found. What do I need to do next?

    • OK. I managed to compile it from the tarball. OMG, the default demosaic, base curve and sharpen made it almost like the OOC jpeg. Thanks you. I have a new system to learn now.

    • On Debian (and related distributions) a good first start is using “apt-get build-dep darktable” as it will give you (almost) all needed packets in one go. Just some newly added dependencies might be missing.

    • I’ve used for a while (2 years ?) Pascal de Bruijn’s unstable repository on Debian testing without big problem, despite the warning message that says not to).

      Yes, there wrote “DO NOT INSTALL THESE BINARY PACKAGES IN DEBIAN.” but it works …

      Thank you alot for darktable, I fell in love

    • Just tried it on OS X (1.5.1). Darktable shows the message “image ‘filename.dng’ is not available!” and then hangs when i try to double click it. Image thumbnails are first shown, but after having clicked the files I just get a skull.

    • We don’t support xtrans DNGs. Supporting them is not a priority.

      Converting any random RAW to DNG, isn’t per-se a smart thing to do. RAW formats and their metadata (EXIF MakerNotes) are fragile. Converting them to another format at times is not a truely lossless process, due to bugs in the conversion process.

      It’s just an added risk, with little benefit in return.

      We generally recommend to stick with the vendors RAW formats, unless (like Pentax), you can choose to have the camera natively produce DNG files, in which case those are generally preferred.

  7. Basecurve+, speedups+, fuji support+ – what I can say more. Another great release of my favourite photosoft.

  8. thanks for keeping up the good work. DT is definitely my software of choice.

    one small thing: there is still no support for my Oly epl3. I have sent test shots in the past…. anyway, I would expect that the profile for the epl2 will be just fine. Can a line be added somewhere in the code so that epl3 points towards the epl2 profiles for denoising?

    • If you sent this information to the mailing lists it might just need a little bump. We tend to be drowned in mail and some just don’t make it back to the surface.

      Just bug us again with your files and the profile might still make it into 1.6.

    • thanks,

      I have posted the files again. I hope the noise profile will make it to the 1.6 release!

  9. i just want to thank (and congratulate!) every body for such an excellent effort…
    DARKtable is the best!!

    • We use gphoto2 for tethering. So, as soon as they have Pentax support, darktable will have, too.

  10. What are the chances that the release version of DarkTable 1.6 will work on CentOS 7? I read that there are some dependency issues with CentOS 6 which force an older version of DT, but I’m hoping that since CentOS 7 is relatively new that it will qualify. Trying to get good Xtrans support on my Linux machine and CentOS 7 is what I need to run right now.

    Thanks for consideration in both OS and sensor support.

  11. Hi guys,
    Many thanks for the improvement of darktable. I tryed 1.5.1 on my mac!
    I have got some things to ask you:
    1. Why the clarity subtle is not in the equilizer presets?
    2. And why the other presets from the 1.4.2 version is not included?
    3. Is there a big different between the darktable under Linux/Ubuntu or Mac version?

    4. It seems that version 1.5.1 is not stable on my mac 10.9.5 with GHz 2.5 i5 Core Processor! The version 1.4.2 works quicker and have no issues!

    I am waiting for the 1.6 version. So I can democaising my RAW-picture from the Sony RX100 M3!! And it will be great….. I am shure.

    best and good luck
    Jean Pierre

    • 1. Clarity subtle is just turned down clarity preset, you can use mix slider to get it (or recreate a preset from some older picture);
      2. probably the same reason, you didn’t specify about which ones you are talking;
      3. no;
      4. please be more specific and create a bug report for each issue you notice – just waiting for release to come won’t make bugs disappear;)

  12. Félicitations et merci encore pour le travail formidable que vous faites! Ce logiciel est une pure merveille et sans aucun doute la meilleure alternative libre à Lightroom…

  13. Congratulations for the great effort to make the awesome program! I’m looking forward to support it.

  14. Thanks a lot for your efforts.
    Any chance the year end update will include Canon 7D MarkII?

  15. I built on Ubuntu 14.10 this evening, worked like a charm. I’m also one with a new Nikon D810, and that worked well too. Admittedly, I took the git repo default, which probably isn’t the pre-release, but more bleeding edge. So far so good. The old darktable (1.4.2) on my system returns a fatal error
    [init] error: can’t open new database schema
    ERROR : cannot open database
    but that’s a known feature of working with a git version. So far so good, I’ll be building new versions as they become available.

    • yes, a database with a scheme from a new dt version is not usable with older versions of dt. Since we haven’t branched off dt 1.6.0 yet git master pretty much gives you the second release candidate. However, watch out to change to the stable version as soon as it’s there, otherwise the database scheme might change again and you’re stuck with the development version…

  16. Compiled git version under kubuntu 14.10. still playing around, but no problems so far. Great job.

  17. I’m glad to share the link to darktable’s wikipedia article in Catalan language:

    It’s translated from the English version, but I have already updated some info to 1.6.0.

    I think it’s a good companion to the complete Catalan translation that will come with Darktable’s release next sunday :-)