released darktable 1.4

merry christmas!

we've got a new release for you:

since we have quite a lot of new features (masks etc, see below), there is an updated usermanual:

ubuntu packages are already available in the usual place, and there is a new macintosh disk image:

more detailed release notes:

  • darktable now integrates a lua engine that allows writing scripts to make it easier to use with other image processing software. These scripts can be run when a particular event takes place (for example when a new image is imported) or when a particular keyboard shortcut is used. There are very few scripts available at this point but we expect the community to provide some more during the next release cycle.
  • darktable now includes several kinds of drawn masks: brush, circle, ellipse, path and gradients
  • exporting in WebP format
  • serious speed enhancements of lighttable when using large colections
  • focus detection on lighttable
  • local cached copies of images for offline files
  • a few new blend mode like "HSV lightness", "HSV color", "Lab lightness" and "Lab color"
  • new modules "contrast brightness saturation", "color balance" and "color mapping" which replaces the now deprecated "color transfer" module
  • new histogram mode "waveform"
  • added a setting to automatically collapse modules to only have a single one expanded
  • better user experience for bauhaus sliders: the popup now has a blinking cursor to make possible text entry more discoverable
  • the text entry for bauhaus sliders and vimkeys' ":set" command can now evaluate mathematical expressions
  • additional logarithmic mode for editing the basecurve
  • many bug fixes and small improvements
  • a tool for measuring basecurves from a sample image
  • a tool to check the system's color management setup. call cmake with -DBUILD_CMSTEST=On to build and install it. packagers probably want that.
  • updated usermanual
  • darktable now requires Gtk+ in version >= 2.24, Glib in version >= 2.30

known bugs

  • Ricoh Pentax K-3 PEFs aren't supported yet (DNGs work fine)
  • Nikon D5300 isn't supported yet

hope you have a couple of days off to enjoy the release!

41 thoughts on “released darktable 1.4

  1. Just discovered Darktable and first impressions are WOW its more powerful than LIghtroom.

    I am using a MAC and running OSX Mavericks 10.9.1.
    I downloaded the latest version 1.4.1 but the
    “indicate focus regions” in the GUI options isn’t there. Has this been removed since 1.4 ?