released darktable 1.1

this is a feature release, so there is a lot of new stuff:




color management

  • improved per-screen color management (should reload the screen profile automatically)
  • more compatible embedded color profiles (should fix problems on windows viewing our images, if that matters)
  • read embedded color profiles from jpg


  • most of our modules now can take advantage of your computer's gpu power
  • caching for compiled opencl kernels (even in case the driver doesn't do it) for faster startup times



  • two new translations (both portuguese.. ;) )
  • well translated: cs de es fr it ja nl pl pt_BR pt_PT sv
  • half translated: ca fi gl ro ru sq th zh_CN


65 thoughts on “released darktable 1.1

  1. Hi, the lenscorrection module does not work with my Panasonic DMC-LX3. The camera shows up in the menu but the correction is never applied…

    Furthermore I find the program quite sluggish on my Debian box with Athlon 7750 dualcore. Is this fixed with the better memory management in 1.1.1?

    • How is a program being sluggish on your Debian box with a certain processor got much a’do about memory management issues that you believe exists?

  2. Just noticed the comment about the user manuel “not translated so far”…
    I’m a bit busy at the moment, translating Juan’s video tutorials, but could find some time after we’ve completed the series if you need some help to do a French translation.
    Feel free to contact me about this.