Experimental darktable OS X image

After the progress reported in the latest blog post on the OS X port of darktable we now have something new for the Mac users:

parafin just released an experimental DMG image of darktable!

Please be aware of this being an experimental OS X build as well as experimental software in general - it's based on the latest development version of darktable that will be darktable 1.1 someday in the future.

You can grab the file from here:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/darktable/files/darktable/ (look for the most recent .dmg file)

Just as a reminder (see the blog post for more information): There's an issue with gphoto on OS X, which prevents a plugged-in camera from appearing in darktable. To fix it simply run "killall PTPCamera" command after connecting the camera.

Please report back any issues you have with it to help improving this software. Use our bug tracker for reporting, that makes it easier for us to keep track of your problems: file new bug

Enjoy it!

Edit: disk image updated to support older than Mountain Lion OS X versions (but at least as new as Snow Leopard).

82 thoughts on “Experimental darktable OS X image

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  2. You can also change the language used by setting “ui_last/gui_language” to your language in ~/.config/darktable/darktablerc. That file might be somewhere else on OS X. So to get English you can just use “ui_last/gui_language=C”.

    • Hi,

      I’m on a french osx mac, and also wold love to use DT in english, but none of the two methods works for me.
      The image I use is the 1.1.2…

      Thanks for any clue.


  3. Works very well on Snow Leopard. Have used it for only two weeks so far, but aside from the aforementioned problem with camera import from a plugged-in camera everything has been working well.

  4. Hi,

    and thank you for a wonderful software package. It has made my life as an amateur photographer and a linux user so much easier.

    Is it possible to donate a few $ to your project?

    • Hi Sigurdur,

      I fear it’s impossible to donate anything to darktable right now since we don’t have any legal basis for this (yet). We’re working on it but it might still take some time. Be sure we announce it!


    • You should report crashes along with steps to reproduce them to our bug tracker, we can’t fix the problems we don’t know about.

  5. DMG image has been updated. There was a lot of activity in git recently, several new features/modules have been merged. So, besides numerous bug fixes, here are the highlights of changes:
    map view is introduced;
    new folder tree view in collect module;
    added local contrast iop.

  6. Working well on OSX Lion but I am unable to export images from Lighttable. Image appears black as thumbnail and displays nothing in preview. This is true with many variations of export settings.

    • Create a bug report on our tracker (there’s a link in this news post) and supply example image and xmp file.
      It works for me on Mountain Lion.

  7. Hello,
    Just tried the last release I found (1887). It just crashes when I start it :( I use 10.6.8 !
    How to give your more info like logs ?


    • Done. The reason for delay was that I wanted to fix 10.6 support before building release candidate.

  8. Disk image for first release candidate has just been uploaded. Main changes since last build as follows:
    support for Mac OS X 10.6 is back;
    fixes for libusb which result in faster startup time and Apple keyboard/touchpad working without interruptions;
    facebook and flickr exporters are now available, though their functionality may be limited due to the absence of password storage backend for OS X;
    the way autoapplied presets work has changed a bit.

  9. 1.1 rc2 crashes on 10.8.2 when opening a RAF from a Fujiflim X-E1. I would like to track down the bug, how do I get the source code? Is it built using Xcode or from the command line?

  10. Hello,

    I tried the two methods to get darktable to show english ui (my osx is in french), but I still cannot get it to work. The only way is to switch the langage preference in osx in english, but this solution is painful, and I’d prefer to keep it in french, and just have darktable in english…
    Any clue?